Using online resources

You can use licenced on-line resources to follow scientific information from the whole world and take it as support tool in science, research and study.

Access to on-line resources is realized in two different ways:
  • In University of Technology network – access is possible from every computer in this network
  • Outside the university network
Licence agreement

Before working with on-line resources viewing Terms and Conditions is advised. It is usually located on the front page on each on-line resource.

You have to follow these general rules:
  • Downloading and printing the articles is allowed only for educational and scientific purpose (any other use is prohibited).
  • You cannot download or print the whole books or issues of journals. Only one chapter or article is allowed.
  • All resources must be downloaded only on your own computer.
  • You have correctly cite these resources in your work.
  • Simultaneous downloading large amount of data is prohibited same as using download scripts. The access to on-line resource would have been terminated!