Library and Information Centre


The LIBRARY AND INFORMATION CENTRE (LIC) provides library and information services primarily to the Faculty of Civil Engineering’s students and employees, but also to other individuals with an interest in the library’s collections, including students and staff from Brno University of Technology and other universities, and specialist members of the public. Students and staff gain entrance to the library using their university identity card.

Our BOOK COLLECTION is thematically focused on technical fields, particularly civil engineering, the natural sciences, economics and computing. It contains 57 127 individual library items, of which 17 477 items are available for use in the LIC study rooms (situation as of 2020).

Our JOURNALS COLLECTION contains both foreign and Czech titles in print and electronic form.

ELECTRONIC INFORMATION RESOURCES: access to specialist databases, and electronic books and journals.


  • access to printed and electronic information resources
  • information, consultation, reference and research services
  • loans of documents for reference use only (within the LIC’s study rooms)
  • external borrowing of documents (these documents may be borrowed from the LIC for a period stated in the Library and Operating Rules – borrowers can either ask a librarian to issue the items at the front desk, or check out the items themselves using the library’s SelfCheck machine)
  • interlibrary loan services covering the collections of Czech and foreign libraries
  • electronic services – access to the internet and to electronic information resources (specialist databases, electronic books and journals, library catalogues)
  • the provision of courses to 1st year students on the use of information resources
  • reprographic services – copying, printing, scanning of select information resources in accordance with the Copyright Act, the printing of students’ work in the following formats: A4, A3, A0


The LIC currently has 9 study rooms (3 standard, 3 group and 3 computer rooms) containing a total of 310 study spaces. The computer rooms and entrance hall contain a total of 82 computers.


ENTRANCE HALL (1st basement floor) – information and lending services, SelfCheck self-service machine for borrowers, 9 computers.

THREE STANDARD STUDY ROOMS (ground floor) with freely accessible books and textbooks – a total of 125 study spaces, 1 scanner with a computer, 1 book scanner.

THREE GROUP STUDY ROOMS (ground floor) for self-study or teamwork – a total of 56 study spaces, 1 large-format scanner (A0) in the corridor.

THREE COMPUTER ROOMS (Red, Blue, Green – all ground floor) – a total of 120 study spaces and 73 computers, access to the internet and information resources, installed engineering design software.

  1. 1) RED COMPUTER ROOM – 20 computers with internet access and 2 computers with access to Czech technical standards via ČSN Online, and a large-format printer for the printing of technical drawings. Shelves contain current editions of Czech and foreign journals to which the library subscribes.
  2. 2) BLUE COMPUTER ROOM – 30 computers and 3 scanners.
  3. 3) GREEN COMPUTER ROOM – 22 computers.

COPY CENTRE (1st basement floor) – 2 multifunctional copiers, 4 printers (format A3, A4), 1 A4 printer.

THREE REPOSITORIES (1st and 2nd basement floor) for items in the library collection which are rarely borrowed, and for the storage of university theses.

It is possible to connect notebooks to the internet via WiFi in all areas of the LIC.

Library map


The history of the Library and Information Centre is relatively short, though it is a direct descendant of the Czech Technical University’s library, which was situated in the right wing of what is today the main building of the Faculty of Civil Engineering in the years from 1911-1947.

When it was founded in 1911, the library was allocated rooms on the ground floor and given space for its repositories in the basement. The reading room was large enough for 54 students, while another such room had 8 spaces reserved for readers from outside. The academic staff had their own study room with 114 different journal titles available. The library compiled catalogues, which were printed on paper and organised by name and field.

In 1918 the library contained 19 000 volumes, which by 1936 had expanded to 50 000, with 35 000 loans occurring in that year. During the Second World War, the activities of the library were suspended – all universities were shut down – and in the early post-war period the library’s services were not developed further. This was because in the 1950s the university moved out of the building on Veveří Street, being replaced there by the Military Technical Academy. The university library was nationalised and became the public State Technical Library. This remained on the premises on Veveří Street until 2001, when it was added to the Moravian Library and moved to the new building built for that institution.

The individual faculties of Brno University of Technology began to create their own subsidiary departmental libraries, which accumulated book and journal collections for the needs of their teachers and students. 1960 saw the founding of the Library Centre at Brno University of Technology, which was renamed to the Central Library in 1976. Its activities were primarily concerned with the production of an aggregate catalogue of the university’s books, and the acquisition of foreign literature.

Significant changes occurred from the middle of the 1990s, when library and information services were decentralised and new faculty libraries were founded. The book collections of these libraries specialise in the fields pertinent to the faculties that house them, and exist in close proximity to their users.

The Faculty of Civil Engineering’s library was opened in 1997 as the Faculty Library and Study Rooms. Library and information services were gradually introduced and extended in accordance with contemporary trends in the development of university libraries and the provision of access to information sources. In 2000 the faculty library was transformed and renamed to the Library and Information Centre (LIC).

The increase in interest in using the services provided by the LIC soon necessitated its extension, as did its insufficient number of study spaces. The opportunity to make improvements arose during the first reconstruction of the Faculty of Civil Engineering between 2002 and 2003, when the study areas were expanded and modified. The LIC gained space previously used for storage by the Czech Technical University, and built the Blue Computer Room there. The original steel structure of the storage room and its glass floor were preserved during the conversion.

The project “Completion and reconstruction of the premises of the Faculty of Civil Engineering on Veveří St. and Žižkova St.”, which was implemented from 2011-2013, saw the Faculty of Civil Engineering undergo final refurbishment to reach its current state. The LIC was extended to include new rooms in the right wing of Building A, the faculty’s main building. These were fitted out with a new computer room, group study rooms and a repository for the storage of university theses.

In 2018, two of the ground floor study rooms were modernised with the aid of a grant from the Operational Programme Research, Development and Education – Support for the development of the study environment in universities. The study rooms were equipped with new tables, chairs, bookshelves and floor coverings. The new study spaces are arranged so that they provide students with more privacy for self-study, as well as with the option of engaging in group work. The study spaces have electrical sockets so that students can plug in their own notebooks.