Books and textbooks

Information resources can be searched for in catalogues available online:

  (czech version only)
  • Books and textbooks are freely available for reference and study in the study rooms on the ground floor. They are organised according to the Universal Decimal Classification (UDC) scheme.
  • Books available for external borrowing are labelled with a green stripe. The rest of the books are intended only as reference works for study within the library.
  • Textbooks available for external borrowing are unlabelled. Textbooks intended only as reference works for study within the library are labelled with a red letter “S” and the text “Pouze ke studiu ve studovně”.
  • Textbooks in electronic form are issued as study materials. Online access can be purchased at the Office of Academic Affairs. Local access to a select range of printed study materials is available in the LIC study rooms.
  • An additional book collection is stored in the library’s repositories. These books can be searched for in the Aleph library system under the designation “D1”. Such books will be provided to you by a librarian at the front desk upon request (please state: designation, designation 2, and also the author and title if needed).


What can you find in PRIMO?
Primo is a search engine that can help you find information for your studies or scientific research. It allows the user to find books, journals and other materials held at all of the libraries at Brno University of Technology. The very useful resources available to you via Primo include electronic journals and books, technical reports, final theses and much more.
Are you looking for a specific article?
The quickest way to find it is by using the advanced search function. Simply enter the information you know into the appropriate field, e.g. the author’s name, words from the title, or perhaps the year of publication. If the article is not found even after that, it’s possible that we don’t have a subscription to the publication in which it appears – in this case, expand the list of results to include articles without full text, and you may find the article you require. You will then need to ask the library to supply you with the article. Specific books are best searched for according to their ISBN.

How to work in PRIMO